Design Hotel Navis


Situated on the cliffs overlooking Preluk Bay, the Navis restaurant offers each guest a wonderful culinary experience. The ambience is a magical one: you can look at the enticing Kvarner archipelago on the horizon while your taste buds wait for a special surprise. Inspired by the best ingredients of Mediterranean and continental cuisine, you will become acquainted with brilliant and imaginative ideas transformed into an inspirational menu consisting of seasonal and local ingredients. The careful selection of ingredients and the magical interpretations of our chef result in a wonderful culinary experience. You’ll be amazed!


As far as food is concerned, we do not compromise: Adriatic tuna carpaccio, lobster, fresh oysters, steak with fresh Istrian truffles, gregada fish and potato stew, homemade bread without aditives baked in wood burning owen. Make your choice and sit back and relax. All our ingredients are fresh and of unquestionable quality. Our distinctive and creative menus will tempt you in seconds. The only question is: should you eat immediately or marvel just a short while longer?


It’s difficult to highlight just one thing that stands out on our menu. Each line contains something special. Whether it’s fresh fish specialities or traditional dishes baked under a baking lid, the innovative interpretations of our chef will transport you for a moment from the real world to the magical culinary universe of the Navis à la carte restaurant. They say that food lovers enjoy their food three times: first of all when they see it; secondly, when they smell its aroma; and third, when they taste it. Prepare your senses and surrender to enjoyment.

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